Photo studio

Studio location: 2 Krzemieniecka St., Lodz

Our studio is not only a room, but an ideal creative space for the execution of many tasks. The height of the studio is 5 meters and floor area is 70 m2, which allows to create small photo and film sets. It is suitable for both fashion and product shoots. The studio can also be rented for hours (detailed information provided by phone). Large parking lot and a cargo elevator installed in the building considerably facilitate transport of equipment and materials for shoots. Location near Arena hall and Kaliska train station, which ensures good transport communication.

High quality equipment

Professional equipment also permits us to realize projects that require a lot of work and ideas. We have all the necessary tools: from the most obvious ones, like steady and photographic light, photographic backgrounds to more advanced ones, such as camera dollies, slider, high load capacity crane, steady cam, shadowless table, or crane. Photos and films are made principally with the use of DSLR or other cameras combined with 3D cameras.

Exceptional location

Our studio is located in an exceptional building – a factory complex built in the beginning of the 20th century. The land was bought by Leon Plihal who came to Lodz from Czech Republic and decided to invest here in dying plants and textile industry. Detailed information on the subject can be found in the article “Polesie Empire of Leon Plihal” on the page:
Today this complex is a part of “Femina” Textile Plant established after the transformation of Zakłady Przemysłu Dziewiarskiego (Clothing Industry Plant) “FEMINA” (details at – “Plant in Karolew”).

Industrial landscape of Lodz draws attention of many people. The atmosphere of old factories and the view of the 19th century tenement houses foster the development of creative industries, whereas unfinished interiors with raw red brick have their charm and attract artists and designers from every area. This promotes creativity and triggers many positive emotions. We, true Lodz inhabitants, try to draw from this heritage by establishing our studio in a post-factory interior typical of Lodz and promoting the tradition of cinematic Lodz w our everyday work.

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