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Film production

Film production have a number of functions. When it is well done, it is a perfect promotional, educational or training material. The GoodEye Media Group offers you the creation of films customized to the nature of the activity and the goal set. Our film production is based on individual conditions and thanks to that it brings the best results. Each order is a new, interesting challenge for us, to which we choose the best means of expression. In addition to film production, we also offer a number of other services in the field of media services.

Create modern material with us...

Our flag service is film production focused on education and ecology.


Promote your brand with us

We create memorable spots filled with graphic effects, original


Animations and graphics

Tell a unique story! About yourself. We prepare animations and graphics,


Preserve most important moments

We create promotional and functional photography.



Give another dimension to you advertisement! A 3D dimension.


Achieve an unearthly effect with us

You will achieve an unearthly effect with us! Literally.

„There is nothing art cannot express.”
Oscar Wilde
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And what we can do for you
lotnicze produkcje filmowe

AERIAL SHOTS and videos with the use of planes, helicopters, paragliders, or hexacopters are no problem for us. The video presentation of Lodz DALKIA CHP plants is a good example of this. With the use of such tools, you can take atmospheric landscape shots as well as technical documentations, among others.

obsługa filmowa imprez

Video and photographic SERVICES for large EVENTS rather than small. We leave smaller family events, such as weddings, to other companies.

reklama radiowa

Sounds, voice-over, and music are essential elements of every film production and their right selection is extremely important. Viewers will easily notice every discord. We collaborate with the best readers, composers and music banks in the industry. Listen to our radio commercial; the idea behind its script is also our work.

Produkcja filmowa piesek

We can also make studio sessions, both film and photography. Our photo studio is located in Lodz at 2 Krzemieniecka Street.


Storyboard, script, reading texts, and explication are at the foundations of every project. Creativity has to show already at this stage.


“THROUGH RIVER VALLEYS” is a series of 7 documentaries inspired by a Zygmunt Gloger’s book. These films have been repeatedly played on a prestigious channel PLANETE+ where they have reached number one spot in the viewers’ ranking. The project was co-financed by The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEP&WM) and was ordered by ODE Źródła.


One of many commercial materials that we have developed was the PROMOTIONAL SPOT for the town of Wągrowiec. Dynamic editing and music helped reach an effect which satisfied our client’s expectations 100%.

Produkcja filmowa w lesie

Nowadays, even the simplest spot requires the use of advanced technology to achieve satisfactory effects. In our productions, the use of camera dollies, cranes or special cameras is nothing unusual.

produkcja filmowa Renault

We also specialize in automotive themes. We have already made numerous spots from various car brands. Here, next to DSLR images, we use Go Pro HERO cameras and other methods of taking impressive photos.


NATIONAL PARKS are one of those clients that make us most proud. Our CV includes projects carried out for the Karkonosze and Babia Góra National Parks. Each such project is an ambitious venture as bird’s-eye-view shots and filming wild animals require experience.