Animation and graphics

We are perfectly aware that the transparency of the message in training materials is very important. However, we wish to combine it with an original and appealing form. Perfect image, interesting script, clear message – all this distinguishes our instructional and training materials from the rest. We prepare such projects both for our commercial (including corporations) and institutional Clients.

They are available to companies specializing in OHS trainings as well as employers who want to organize additional courses for their employees (for example, on how to deal with difficult clients) in a compelling way. The thematic scope of such materials depends only on your expectations.

Our film productions are often filled with animations. Some projects consist only in motion design, commercial animation, computer graphics, special effects or VFX. Both small and huge projects are created like this. One of such huge projects was an interactive presentation for the Babia Góra National Park, which also included 3D elements. It is so large that it cannot be placed on the webpage; however, it can be viewed at the National Park’s museum. Here, there is a film about the presentation and some animation samples.

 Połączenie tradycyjnych zdjęć filmowych z grafiką 3D
 Spot zrealizowany całkowicie w formie animacji 3D
Wierna wizualizacja jaskini głębokiej
Prezentacja multimedialna “Babiogórski Park Narodowy”
Fragment animacji 2D zrealizowanej dla TPN
Program dla aptek – Spot animowany
Materia Baterii – Spot animowany
Kampania “Lek bezpieczny”