Project for Gazeta Wyborcza

Another kind of production that we carry out are commercial spots and videos. In the era of multimedia expansion, it is one of the best tools in the promotion of a brand, company, or institution. One of the more interesting tasks we have completed in this area was the creation of a commercial spot for the portal Wyborcza.pl.

It might seem that such a short cinematic form is quite easy, however, the duration of a film does not translate into the simplicity of its making. The order included the production of the spot from scratch – the idea, up to the storyboard, character concept, and location in order to create the full script.

storyboard's fragment.

What came next was the search for an adequate location for shooting. It is not difficult to find appropriate buildings among the architecture of Lodz. The diversity of styles, postindustrial factory halls, and the climate of the 20th century buildings make it easy for filmmakers to find the required scenery every time. We selected a historical factory in Lodz.

Finally, the long-awaited first day of shooting has arrived. The spot was directed by Karol Gajos who has collaborated with us with such productions as “Goodbye to the Lullaby” and “Turn the Lights down”. In his own words: “Commercials are particularly interesting cinematic forms for me. A 30-second spot must tell an interesting story simultaneously realizing marketing objectives”.

The leading role was played by an actor from Kazimierz Dejmek Teatr Nowy in Lodz, Adam Kupaj who we can also see in the roles of Moryc Welt (“The Promised Land”) or Ben (“Dogville”).

The character which stirred most emotions was the birdeater spider. Those worries were obviously unfounded as he was an exceptionally calm “fellow”.


The spot was shown in Helios cinemas in Lodz, Płock and Białystok.